It's a Gamble!

Hey! Hope things have been good for you all! My girlfriend and I recently returned from our trip to Las Vegas, and the jet-lag is still getting to me. Haha. It was my first time visiting the area, and it was a blast. Very beautiful place. I'm a sucker for city lights and rocky/desert scenery, so it worked out perfectly. Since I currently don't have access to a laptop, or ipad/tablet, I can't get work done while away from home. Meaning the rest of commissions that needed to be done had to wait til after we returned. Not a terribly bad thing though, just means they'll have to roll over into the new month. Another reason I'm glad we took this trip is that it helped refresh my brain for getting

Flying Bye

Is it just me or is the month of March going by really quick? Hope you guys are doing well. Haha! Well this month has been proving to be a crazy one. In a fun/good way! Thanks to the efforts of my awesome girlfriend, and one my best friends, I now have a "new" PC. More accurately an older one that's got some fancy new updates equipped to it! It's made doing work a heck of a lot easier. On my previous computer, there would be rough lagging, long loading times when starting up programs, and even the computer slowing down when project files started getting too big. Thankfully none of that is a problem anymore! Currently my only issue is getting my copy of ToonBoom onto this new computer in orde

Marching On

Hey all! Hope you've been well. We're already in March, pretty crazy how quick time is already passing. In that time though, I'm doing my best to keeping making more art! I had finally gotten around to completing this short animation. I'm fairly happy with the result, and am glad I can say it's something I finished instead of leaving untouched for months on end. Speaking of animation, there will be more to come soon. I'll be doing more short clips like this to keep my skills from getting rusty, but along with that, there are two larger projects I've had in mind for some time. One will be a silly parody, which I'm hoping to have released by the end of April, and the other will be a cute anima

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