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Almost Done With 2020

Well hey, here's a place I haven't updated in quite a long time! Thought it'd be good to change that. Hope y'all are doing well. So what's been up? Well I think it goes without saying that 2020 has certainly been... a year. But all the obvious stuff aside, I've spent a lot of time this year rebuilding myself in a lot of ways, and the art has been no exception. For a while I was suffering from major creative burnout, and kept approaching it with the wrong mindset. But thanks to the people closest to me, I've been able to overcome a lot and found my stride again as an artist.

So what's on the horizon? Well I have a couple of projects in the works. Firstly, my comic "Dinosaur Bones" will be starting in January of 2021, and I'm excited to start sharing it with everyone. Secondly, I recently started work on a new animated cartoon. This time starring my dragon character, Crystal. It has yet to have an official release date or time due it being well... an entire animated cartoon. lol But nevertheless, it's something I've been eager to work on for a long time and am happy to see it start to come alive!

Aside from them, I don't have anything else "big" in the works, but I am hoping to get more art made in time for Christmas this year. It's been refreshing finding my passion again (well at this point it's been at least two months but still lol). So here's to making more art and animations! And speaking of animations...

This was something I whipped together last weekend to get my animation gears going, and I was pretty happy with the results. I'd like to do more animations like this one to not only keep the creative juices flowing, but also because it's fun! Plain and simple.

That's all for now, hope y'all stay safe and take care. Til next time!

Stay creative!



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