Art of the Week

So here is some of the artwork I've done within the recent weeks since I haven't gotten to showcase them all. Haha! I've been spending some fair time (especially this week) working on some new coloring and shading techniques to help make my images pop. Now I won't use this style for every one of pictures of course, but I feel it'll be a nice addition to my gallery for my more "high quality" pieces. I've also been working restlessly on my Temple Hunters series. As scene in some of these drawings I've been making more and more art for it, along with the official projects themselves. I also recently finished a second Pokemon animation for the online collaboration I'm taking part in! -----------

Doodles and animation!

Hi ho! Hi ho! I've been up to a quite a bit of drawing recently! Here are some character illustrations and doodles I've done within the past weeks. Along with these fun doodles, I also made a Pokemon animation as part of my contribution to a collaboration on the Frederator Network. Amidst all these fun projects I've been doing what I can to find work, even so far as to doing work for a Temp Agency, which isn't all bad, just tiring. And with my dinosaur characters (Zarland and Trixie) I have a fun project in store that I've been working on for some time, and I look forward to sharing it with you all eventually! :) 'til next time! -Brandon Zalar

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