Art of the week! 6/16/2016

Uh oh! Looks like we've hit this mark on quite the date. Haha! Anyway, here's a recap on recent art that I created within the past (2) weeks. :P To kick things off, I recently reached a milestone and hit 500+ subscribers on my Youtube channel, and on my Tumblr blog! I made this little gif to celebrate the occasion. :) Here we see Zarland attempting to take care of the house while Lucy is away. This is more of a concept piece than just a silly drawing. I plan on making an animated short with Zarland involving this very scenario. It'll be in the same tone as the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. ;) Since I have Temple Hunters in the works, and all the character planned out (as far as main characters

Let Summer Begin!!

Well May is gone, and we're finally in the month of June! Summer time is my favorite time of the year (Next to Autumn). But before we jump into the sunniest time of the year, here's a recap of the last drawings I did this week and last week of the month of May 2016. May was a pretty productive month in terms of art and animation. As always more work is on the way, and I have some pretty high hopes for the month of June and the rest of this summer. :) Til next time! -Brandon

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