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Art of the week! 6/16/2016

Uh oh! Looks like we've hit this mark on quite the date. Haha!

Anyway, here's a recap on recent art that I created within the past (2) weeks. :P

To kick things off, I recently reached a milestone and hit 500+ subscribers on my Youtube channel, and on my Tumblr blog! I made this little gif to celebrate the occasion. :)

Here we see Zarland attempting to take care of the house while Lucy is away. This is more of a concept piece than just a silly drawing. I plan on making an animated short with Zarland involving this very scenario. It'll be in the same tone as the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. ;)

Since I have Temple Hunters in the works, and all the character planned out (as far as main characters go), I decided to go and make an official character chart for the whole gang. I've always been really fond of these from legitimate cartoon shows, comics, and movies. I had a blast making this one!

A raging demon and a succubus because I wasn't feeling too well that night. A little different from what I usually draw, but regardless I like them all the same. :)

Last but not least, my take on the new Rotom Pokedex that was revealed for the upcoming games, "Pokemon Sun" & "Pokemon Moon"! I just love this little guy. He's too adorable. :D

Anyway that's all for this week!

I just started a new full-time job working in a factory again. It's certainly not where I would like to be right not, but hey, I gotta pay the bills somehow. Haha! In the mean time I'm doing my best to get myself back out there and into the animation field where I belong. :)

Til next time!!


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