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It's Already December!


So yeah it's been a hot minute (yet again) since my last blog post. Been a rather productive and busy year to be honest, with creating Dino Bones comics, animated shorts, regular art and doing streams every week... yeah I'd say it's been busy. But that's all good and great, and even though it's left me very very tired at certain points, I have to say this has left me feeling better than I had been in years. Now is this all for 2021? Of course not you silly goose! I still have a couple more projects up my sleeve that I'd like to have finished before we close out the year. If you watch my streams, you'll know that I've mentioned some and in this week's case, already shown one off. In case you haven't though, there's a new small animation I've got in the works, and naturally there's going to be Dino comics for y'all to enjoy. But before we move forward, let's do a quick recap of what was accomplished this year!

We had two new animated shorts added to the ol' YouTube channel (and playlist on the animation page here on my site), as well as a couple new "gif" animations!

We also had the official launch of the comic "Dinosaur Bones", following the silly antics of Zarland, Trixie, and Roxie, along with with the scientist who made them, Lucy! I'm really happy that y'all have been enjoying these comics, and it's been a great time making them. I'm excited to share more at time goes on!

Of course there was the launch of the Twitch channel which has been a really fun experience! I'd been hesitant about getting into streaming for years, but finally made the jump this year and have been really enjoying it! Thank you to everyone who makes it every week, and even if you only get to watch the Vod's, I appreciate the heck out of it. :D

There was also the launch of the Patreon which was another thing I'd been hesitant about doing for years! Thank you so much to everyone who has gone out of their way to contribute to it! It means a ton! <3 And hey if you're someone that's interested in contributing, you can check it out here: Patreon

And last, but certainly not least, the most recent thing I've made is my first online store! More will be added to it over time, but for now I feel this is a good starting selection! If you enjoy my dinos and art, you might also like them as a sticker or on a shirt! You can check it all out here on the Online Shop!

Ok I think that's enough shameless self-promotion for now.

Anyway my dudes, thank you all so much for the support given over this year. I'm excited to make more cartoons and comics for you to enjoy, and until next time y'all take care and stay safe!

Stay Creative!



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