Art Recap and What's Next?

Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a good weekend. I myself have been feeling very tired, both mentally and physically the past couple days. But it's all good, sometimes that happens and you just need to give yourself a bit of a break. I haven't done AS much personal art this week, but there's still new pieces to showcase! Roxie showing off her dominance against poor Zarland who just wants to be a dino-dork that's left alone. A pretty relaxed Trixie giving off that "don't sweat it" vibe. And lastly, everyone's favorite Raptor, Blue from the Jurassic World movies. Oddly enough I didn't plan for this week to be all dino pictures, it just kind of happened on it's own. Haha! Along with these

Art of the week and new Speed Art

Hello! Well this week has been very productive, and I hope it's been treating you kindly. The warm weather has been making it's way back here to the East Coast and I'm thankful for that. I've been on a good motivational kick since coming back from my trip, and even started doing "Daily Sketches". Missed yesterday, but it's no big deal, was occupied with other things the whole day. Here is this week's art! If you follow me on my social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), you've certainly already seen these. It's just nice to do a recap on what side-work was accomplished during the week. Doing simple sketches (like the first two images), is really good for getting yourself warmed up for bigg

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