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Huion Tablet Review

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be doing something a little different, but still related to art and animation! The kind people over at Huion asked me to do a review of one of their products for them. Specifically the Inspiroy H1060P Pen Tablet.

As someone who has worked primarily with pen tablets (as opposed to screen tablets) over the years, this model is one of the better products I’ve worked with. And what’s even better is that it is a very affordable tablet for what you’re getting in terms of quality and work usage. To start things off, the product comes with the following: the tablet in question, a Huion pen, a pen holder to keep your pen safe, and a digital artist glove. All of the items listed come neatly packed within the box and are easy to take out.

To install the drivers needed in order to use the product properly, you can easily download it from their website directly.

The size of the tablet is a nice standard 10x6.25”, a very comfortable size in my opinion, not just for drawing but also for taking it on the go. It also has a nice smooth surface that makes it easy to move your hand around without any serious resistance, and with the glove applied it’s even smoother.

When it comes to actually getting work done and doing some art and animation with this product, it’s a very smooth transition from the start. I didn’t find myself struggling with getting the pressure sensitivity just right, or having any weird synchronization issues with the art programs or the computer. After installing the drivers it was ready to roll, and I have been comfortably using it for my work and personal projects since. The tablet also comes with built-in hot keys, located along the left side of the device, which can be used to help you quickly jump to certain actions like zooming in and out on the image, rather than using the key options via the keyboard. The pen itself also comes with a programmable button, located near the bottom towards the tip of the pen. I like to use this for immediately grabbing the colors I need (instead of searching for the ink-drop tool) whenever working on illustrations.

Overall I’ve found this to be a very good piece of hardware that is also very affordable, especially for the quality and output it delivers. As mentioned at the start, I’m an artist that’s had years of experience with pen tablets primarily. So if you’re someone who isn’t as accustomed to using pen tablets, it is worth mentioning that you would need to get adjusted to looking at the screen while your hands are down on the desk doing the drawing. But if you’re someone who is interested in getting into digital art as either a hobby or a profession, I would recommend this product as a good starter over the more expensive options that are out there. And even if you’re someone who is already experienced in the medium, this is a solid option for an additional piece of hardware to make your creations with.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and I wish you a wonderful day.

And as always, stay creative!



You can check this product out for yourself and these provided links


I also have a video review you can check out Here!


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