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Twitchy Start

G'morning yall! Or good afternoon, or even good evening depending on when and where you're reading this blog post from. Haha!

Well we're already approaching the end of January for 2021. This month's been a super busy one on my end! My girlfriend and I have successfully moved into our new place and I have a brand new home office set up to boot! (same PC and tablet, but I got new things to go with them lol)

After we got ourselves settled in and figured out what was needed and such, I finally made a push for a new step in my artistic career. That being the start of my official Twitch channel! I've wanted to get into doing art streams for years now actually, but due to one excuse after the next I just didn't make it happen. Thankfully though, I've finally made that push forward and had my first ever stream this week! It was a lot of fun, and the plan for now is to do at least one stream per week (might be bumped up to 2 depending on how things go). If you wanna check the channel out and pop in for future streams, here's a link to it:

Also keep an eye out for this little image on my social media for when I'm letting people know I'm going live. :)

What else was done this month to make it even busier, you ask? Well I'm sure you're aware (especially if you visited the comics page), "Dinosaur Bones" has finally started this month! So far it's gotten a lot of positive feedback, which makes me very happy. Comic updates will be every Friday, so keep an eye out for them! I'll be keeping them catalogued here on my website, as well as being posted to my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Might jump on the Webtoons bandwagon too, but we'll see.

I've got another announcement coming up too, but I think I'll save that for the next blog recap. haha

That's all for now, hope y'all are well and take care. Til next time!


P.S. Stay creative!


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