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More Art n' Stuff!

Well well, looks like we got another blog post happening here! Not a terrible lot to update since last time, still been grinding away at work. Finished a batch of commissions for people earlier this week which is awesome, still got some long-form stuff in the works, but along with them I even started something new this week. I can't give away what it is at this time, BUT I will say that it's something fun I'd like to have out by Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas though, I recently added a new piece to the 'Art' gallery, that being a winter themed Crystal. Not full on Christmas themed, but something to have that winter spirit. I also wanted to push my skills in Procreate with it, particularly on the shading and effects, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

And speaking of making art, I decided to add to the #artvsartist2020 that's been goin around. Kinda funny looking back at how many pieces I made this year. It felt like not enough was made, but to my surprise I'd done a lot more than previously thought.

As happy as that makes me, for 2021 I really want to make a push for more animation and animated projects. Thankfully there are some already happening, I'd just like to keep that ball rolling instead of hitting a wall and sitting there while I just stare at it. lol

We still got a couple weeks left in the year, so this won't be the last of my art in 2020 just yet! More to come soon, but that's all for now.

Take care and stay safe y'all. And stay creative!



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