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Art of the week and new Speed Art


Well this week has been very productive, and I hope it's been treating you kindly. The warm weather has been making it's way back here to the East Coast and I'm thankful for that.

I've been on a good motivational kick since coming back from my trip, and even started doing "Daily Sketches". Missed yesterday, but it's no big deal, was occupied with other things the whole day.

Here is this week's art!

If you follow me on my social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), you've certainly already seen these. It's just nice to do a recap on what side-work was accomplished during the week. Doing simple sketches (like the first two images), is really good for getting yourself warmed up for bigger art projects. Personally I find it to be fun way to relax creatively as well, because making stuff purely for yourself or your own enjoyment is necessary to keep the creative drive fueled. It doesn't always have to be perfect either, sometimes just a scribbled sketch is all you need.

Now in the case of a more fully illustrated piece (such as the third image), I took the time to also record the making of it. I want to do weekly speed paints for my YouTube channel since the time between animations that are lengthy enough to post there is very unpredictable.

You can check out the video here:

And lastly, I've been working off and on with a mural project for a local bar/restaurant as volunteer work. It's finally gotten progress since I had last touched it (which was sometime before my trip). I don't believe I've mentioned it in this blog before either, but nevertheless I thought I'd share how it's coming along.

The murals are roughly 6ft tall each, and the purpose is to look like you're staring down into a Coal Mine tunnel (fitting the theme of the bar itself). The camera on my phone isn't very good, so once the project is finished I'll need to get a hold of a decent camera to take photos with.


That's all I've got for this week! I hope you have a good weekend, and I'll be back again next week with more to share. Stay creative!


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