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A look into my Art Process

Since this is my first piece into 2016, I figured it'd be the best one to kick off on with showing my art process!

- I always start with a sketch. It helps rough out/plan out where everything is going to be in the scene. It also helps capture the effect of characters' emotions, and body motions.

-Next I jump into outlining everything. This part can become tedious for a lot of people, but I find it very relaxing. Most of the time I just use a basic black outline, but if I feel like getting more fancy I'll use a colored outline to give the image a better pop.

-After that's all taken care of, I add the flat colors. These are just the base colors for anything and everything in a scene/piece.

-And finally, it's time to add the shadows and lighting effects. This is what really makes pictures feel alive and helps give them depth. I didn't go too crazy with the lighting in this piece, due to the fact there aren't many complex light sources.

And there you have it! Very simple in it's number of steps, but each picture needs lots of time and attention given to it if it wants to have a pleasing result!

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