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Recent Doodles and Coming Soon

Hello again!

Hope the month of February has been kind to you. As per usual I've been fairly busy, both with work and my social life. But like always I still find time to do some drawing and art for myself.

Here are some recent drawings I've done that I enjoyed, but also aren't at the standard to be put into the main gallery.

I feel it's necessary to take the time to make something for your own enjoyment. Getting work done is very important, but it's also just as important to be good to your creative energy and do something that makes you happy. The tricky part is finding a healthy balance between the two.

Speaking of making things for fun! My new comic that's been in the works for some time, "Dinosaur Bones", is nearing the completion of it's first issue! I'm very excited about it, and have had a great time making it so far. I'm hoping it'll be worth the wait for you guys as well. Haha!

Here are some previews of what is to come.

In the animation department, I recently finished this animation as a gift for my favorite person in my life. :) This was also added to the animation gallery on the site. This particular animation took about 2 weeks to complete. It's funny how sometimes you go into a project expecting it to not take very long, but as you work on it, you find more you want to add or a different level of detail you want to include. Always good to remember that it's not a bad idea to do more, or try something different.

That's all I have for now!

'Til next time!


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