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Art of the Week and Things Picking Up


So as I mentioned in my last blog post, I was starting a second job working as a caricature artist at an amusement park. I'm very glad to say that it has been going very well so far! I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from customers and co-workers, so that's always a confidence booster!

I figured for this Art of the Week post, I'd share some of the work I've done there!

These were a couple customers I did that I felt turned out really nice.

Along with that, whenever we have downtime I like to do some practice drawings. I took a photo of one I did of my co-worker, and then another one I did of Batman just for fun.

Overall I feel like I've gotten the hang of doing this. It's interesting to break away from my own style from time to time. :)

Speaking of my style, here's some doodles I've done recently of some of my characters.

I had also finished that Yoshi clip animation a short while ago as well. The official release for the collaboration itself has yet to be announced, but here's my bit, and I look forward to sharing the final product as well as seeing it myself. Haha!


Along with all of this, I've been getting quite a few commission requests recently, which is really reassuring that I might just be doing something right. Haha! Plus my caricature job intends on sending me to another park next weekend as an out of state gig since, according to them, I'm doing very well there. As excited as I am for that to be happening, I'm not gonna lie, it feels weird to get an offer like that while still being relatively new. And as weird as it can feel, I must be putting a good impression on them if they feel comfortable enough to offer this to a new employee.

With all of this happening, I've been getting a reinvigorating feeling of confidence in making it as an artist. This past summer has been pretty rough in terms of art, but it's good to feel back in the groove of perusing what I want again. The outcome of all of these is still very cloudy and uncertain, but at the very least I have my drive and confidence back.

I don't feel like I have room just yet to say this, but to my fellow artists, just keeping pushing through it all. I'm still doing my factory job, while having my caricature job on the weekend, and yet I still force myself to draw what I can in whatever free time I've got. Haha!

That's all for now folks! Til next time!!

-Brandon Zalar

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