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Art of the Week 9/5/2016 and 2 Jobs

So hey, I remembered to do the next blog post! Haha! Kicking it off with some Art of the Week! The first image here is the uncanny representation of myself and my girlfriend after living together for over a year.

Here we see Zarland "King of the Dinosaurs" asserting his dominance at the top of the food chain. Lucy doesn't seemed too phased by it, she just hopes he doesn't break anything (again).

Speaking of dinosaurs, I had the impulse to draw some dino Pokemon. Specifically two that I really love, and feel are underappreciated (Rampardos and Tropius).

Next here is some rough animation for a scene I'm doing as part of a collaboration. The collaboration is a "re-animate" of an episode from the old Super Mario Brothers cartoon show. I might be doing a breakdown video of all the steps once it's completed. The animation itself is being done in ToonBoom Harmony.


Now along with some of this new art, I've also picked up a new job over the past weekend. I am now an official caricature artist at Hershey Park here in good ol' PA. Though I'm still new, I seem to be putting good impressions on everyone, and the management seems overall happy and, to an extent, impressed with my work. Caricature art was something I always appreciated from afar but never really pursued. That was until I was approached about this job opportunity a couple weeks ago, and I figured I'd give it my best shot. Finding art jobs really isn't the easiest thing in the world, so leaped on the opportunity as fast as I could (what can I say? It beats factory work). They told me I would go through training to get the art style down, but to my surprise (and theirs) I was able to pick it up rather quick, and after just two days of training I was allowed to start taking customers. Haha!

This is some of the practice work I did trying out different forms of exaggeration.

So to keep it simple, I am working two jobs now (at least until the Park's season is done), so I may not be able to do as much work on the side, or at the very least I won't have time to do fully colored images, just sketches. I'll be sure to check back in about this job and let you know how it's going. After my first weekend I'm already excited for what could be around the corner!


'til next time!

-Brandon Zalar

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