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New Cartoon in the Works!

Yep! I'm working on a new cartoon alright! I'm actually making this one a personal challenge, and that is to complete it by the end of March. So far it's going great! I'm getting some assistance from a friend who is coloring the background art for me, which is helping greatly with the time constraint!

I initially started this project because I've been pretty stressed with trying to make cartoons that could help with building an audience, and I wasn't really making a cartoon that was completely based around just making me happy. Soon after wondering what to do, I came up with this cartoon I'm currently making! It'll be starring my mascot character, Zarland the dinosaur. Being surrounded by a lot of stress from things happening in my personal life and wanting to finish cartoons I've been promising for a long time, I really needed something I could focus on that woul take the edge off, and this project has been doing the trick.

Here are some snippits of what is to come with this new project:

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