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Dinosaur Bones Cast

Meet the colorful and silly cast of characters from Dinosaur Bones!

Dr. Lucy Prim

A genius scientist with a love for evolution and fossils. Through her genius, Lucy was able to revive extinct creatures from their fossilized state, her biggest successes being her dinosaurs. With her invention EvoJuice, the dinos can maintain an "evolved" state and coexist with the modern world. Though they can drive her crazy, she still loves and cares for them deeply, and have certainly made her life more interesting.

Zarland Rex

Species: Tyrannosaurus-Rex

Revived from a fossilized egg, Zarland became Lucy's first dino experiment. He's a bit of a goofball that eats a lot and likes to play pranks. He's also very fascinated with the extinct world of the dinosaurs. He likes to spend his time helping Lucy in her laboratory, and having fun with his best friend, Trixie.

Trixie Triceratops

Species: Triceratops

A bubbly personality and a creative soul, Trixie loves to bring a shine to everyone's day. Her favorite hobby is playing music with her banjo, and she enjoys drawing her own super-hero identity. She grew up alongside Zarland and the two are practically inseparable.

Roxie Raptor

Species: Velociraptor

Of all the dinos, Roxie is definitely the most aggressive of the bunch. She prefers her alone time, metal music, kicking trash cans and is easily annoyed by Zarland. However despite her tough exterior she has her soft spots for the others (not that she'll ever let them know it). Not to mention, over the years she has given Lucy many headaches with her wild behavior.

Richard Dunker

A paleontologist and good friend of Lucy. Richard is an upbeat man whole loves spending his days digging away for fossils. He's fascinated with Lucy's experiments and does his best to help the dinos feel welcome in the modern world.

Brandi Brachiosaurus

Species: Brachiosaurus

A very shy and timid girl, Brandi can feel out of place a lot of the time (no thanks due to her size). She's the largest of the dinos, and while she doesn't enjoy that aspect, she's gotten used to it over time. Her favorite hobbies are singing and baking. She'll also spend time helping Lucy in the lab, when she's feeling confident enough.

Bruce Clubtail

Species: Ankylosaurus

This cool dude is the most laid back of all the dinos. Bruce loves one thing above all else, his boombox. He's very passionate about music and wants to express it for all to hear at all hours of the day, even when they don't want to. With his chill nature, Bruce gets along with all the dinos pretty easily (even Roxie!).

Penny Parasaur

Species: Parasurolophus

The youngest of the dino crew, Penny is a hyper kid that loves to play and bring Archie along with her shenanigans. She looks up to the other dinos and hopes to be like them someday.


Species: Archaeopteryx

The "pet" of the family, Archie is the only member of the dino crew to not have taken any EvoJuice. Being such a small creature, Lucy felt it safe enough to let him stay in his primitive state. The other dinos, especially Penny, love the little guy and his company.

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